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Facebook Is Evil
Eyeliner, books
I did it.  I Deactivated my Facebook account.

I feel like such a douche for what I'm about to say.

...It was a process.

After getting sick and fucking tired of people I know personally leaving awful, unintelligent, stupid bullshit about their kids, their jobs, their "lives" and their "busy days", I thought about how HARD Facebook was making me hate people who are my real friends, acquaintances, and family members.  Aside from their bullshit "statuses", I also had to wade through their gay fucking apps that made me cringe.  I got sick of being invited to shit like pampered chef, sex toy, babyshowers, and avon parties that I wouldn't be caught dead in by people I know...and being told how bogus I was for not responding to the invites. 
So, I made a decision.  I deleted everyone I knew in real life from my Facebook, and kept people that were just internet connections.  At least those people would have something to say that I would actually give a shit about or find entertaining.  After a while my real life friends caught on that I had deleted them and became furious with me.  Then I had the sudden realization that maybe it wasn't everyone else.  It was me.

I sincerely just don't quite like anyone that I know.
It became devastatingly depressing to know that no who who exists to me in reality really knows or understands me.

I just deleted the fucking thing.

Facebook did nothing but elucidate the fact that I can't get along with people unless they're big friggin weirdos like me.  I've ended up basically cutting off most of my friends and family.  Now I'm lonely.   

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